What is a VIS housing (Social Interest Housing)?

This is an opportunity for households with lower economic resources to have access to VIS housing. So you can live with dignity in family .

As housing with special characteristics of habitability and construction, its maximum value is one hundred thirty-five legal minimum wages in force (135 smlv). Family income must not exceed the four legal minimum wages in force (4 smlv).

This is a program of the National Government or State entities , which addresses the housing deficit. Either urban or rural, and offers it to all those families with low economic resources. Because of their poverty status they do not have the opportunity to have a decent welfare (housing law 1537 of 2012).

What is the benefit when buying VIS housing?

What is the benefit when buying VIS housing?

They are for low-income households that can acquire their VIS housing, up to 135 smlv, with mortgage credit. They will obtain a subsidy at the rate of 4 points, applied to their first 84 installments of the mortgage mortgage loan VIS.

Interest rate subsidy when buying VIS housing



Low-income families who are interested should fill out the form authorized by the National Government. It is done before the establishments that finance the credits. To request the benefit of the interest rate applied to your mortgage loan, obtained within the approval process.

Additional aspects to the interest rate subsidy


-The VIS social interest housing must be new, and be within the ranges of values ​​authorized by the National Government. The interest rate subsidy is applied from the moment the mortgage loan is disbursed.

-They must not own a home within the National territory.

-The establishments that finance the mortgage loans must inform the potential debtors of the conditions of access, validity and early termination of the benefits provided by the National Government. In the monthly extracts delivered to the client, they must register the values ​​to the benefit of the rate. And give scope and validity to the installments of these mortgage loans.