What is a Remote Bookkeeper? Explanation of an Accountant.

What is a Remote Bookkeeper? Explanation of an Accountant.

In recent years, online accounting offers have multiplied. Less paperwork, time saved, attractive rates … Everything seems to show that this is THE accounting solution of the future. But by the way, what is a remote accountant? And above all, is it a suitable solution for your company? Time for an article, Dougs offers you to go behind the scenes and judge for yourself.

Who is your remote accountant?

The first question you probably ask yourself before signing up with a remote accountant is who you are actually going to work with. A serious online accountant will usually post his location on his website. French accounting is very specific. It is therefore highly unlikely that you are dealing with employees based abroad; as it can be seen in other professions. At least, if you are dealing with a remote accounting expert registered to order .

At Dougs, no mystery, our firm is in Lyon. You can even meet us there.

How does the remote accountant get your data?

Second extremely important question to ask: how is the data collection with a remote accountant ? At Dougs, we have an agreement with the French banks that allows us to recover your banking data automatically on our application. Which means that you only have your agreement and your details to give, then a direct transfer will take place. Other remote accountants will ask you to scan your documents and keep your accounts more traditional.

In any case, make sure that the remote accountant you are dealing with encrypts its data . This security is shown on your screen by the symbol “https” in your address bar. The encryption we use is the same as that of a bank, if your data is safe on your bank’s website, they are also safe at home.

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What is the bookkeeping with a remote bookkeeper?

Part of your bookkeeping is automatically done on the application of the remote accountant. The proportion of automation and manual entry varies from one remote accountant to another. Some will ask you to keep your accounting alone and will limit themselves to control, others will seize your operations as in a conventional cabinet.

With the Dougs application, manual interventions are limited to the maximum. All the movements that pass on your professional account arrive on the application within 24 hours and are pre-categorized in a clear and understandable language even if you do not have any accounting concepts. You only have to validate the category (or change it if it seems incorrect), the application then takes care of translating the operation in accounting language.

On the communication side, you will usually have a contact by email and telephone. With Dougs, you also have a chat window accessible at any time. Window on which you can ask a question directly to our accountants.

Does the accountant at distance take care of your balance sheet?

The remote accountant does not only deal with your accounting entry. It also fulfills all the missions that you can entrust to a public accounting firm. Which means that he can help you in your legal steps, your taxation , the management of your employees … And of course he makes your balance sheet. Thanks to the new technologies, you can benefit from a restitution of the balance sheet without even moving. The better you follow your management instantly. Thus, the accountant sends you the written report and you make an appointment together for a refund by phone or skype. This gives you all the advice you need to take stock of your company and discuss its future. As if you were in the expert’s office.

A remote accountant therefore remains an accountant first and foremost. It has the tools at the forefront of technology and it allows him to save time, so lower your bill. The relationship you will have with the accountant will depend on your expectations and the firm you choose. It’s exactly as if you’re signing up with a classic accountant. The added benefit with a remote bookkeeper? You have a trial period, if you are not satisfied after one month, you can close your account without charge.