The Symptoms Of Hives

Hives have very distinct symptoms. Let’s take a quick look at what these are. You will notice raised, pink or red swelling on the skin. These welts can occur alone or in a cluster. The welts can connect to each other across the skin. The swelling will usually go away within one day. These welts can itch, sting, and generally hurt while you have them.

Most people will experience hives in the same spot on their body when they are exposed to the same trigger. Certain things like insect bits/stings, medication, and specific foods can trigger hives to occur. Each time a person is exposed to that same stimuli they will develop hives typically in the same part of the body. These are typically called fixed hives. This is because they don’t move or spread around the body.

Anyone can get hives. A few more triggers to not are animals, pollen, touching something you are allergic to, allergy shots, cold infections, exposure to sunlight/heat/cold/water, exercise, stress, pressure on the skin, contact with specific chemicals, and scratching of the skin. You can learn more about these triggers at There are many different triggers to hives and it can be difficult to identify which one single thing is your trigger. Unfortunately the only way to find out is to exposure your body to multiple potential triggers and see which one produces hives.