Tariff of an accountant for SASU – What price for the benefits?

Tariff of an accountant for SASU – What price for the benefits?

Before talking about a chartered accountant’s tariff , let’s talk first about your accounting expectations. As President of SASU , your needs are both simple and complex at the same time. Indeed, ultra simple by the relatively small amount of banking . But also, complex because of your expectations close to a much larger company such as a dashboard for example. Now let’s talk about accountant fees in a SASU .

The rate of an accountant varies according to your needs

Today, most SASU executives expect to see a chartered accountant at a year-end tax package and 2 VAT returns. Finally, it is a short cut a little simplistic but unfortunately present in the minds of the leaders who see the expert accountant as a source of tax recovery for the tax administration.

Do you know, however, that a chartered accountant can, beyond his purely fiscal mission, bring you much more, such as:

  • a monthly performance chart ;
  • a forecast ;
  • company statutes ;
  • pay slips ;
  • and council.

So yes, the price will depend on what is consumed in general. And more, you are waiting for management and more generally the rate of an accountant increases. But this is not always true as we will see later.

What are your needs and what is the price of an accountant for a SASU?

Your SASU manager needs vary depending on the progress of your project. Rates are expressed in the form of taxes (HT).

The rate of a chartered accountant during your first year

First, the first step is to create the company. Thus, you will have to provide a budget for the creation of this one. Beyond fees, the other name to qualify the rate of a chartered accountant, you will need to provide:

  • CCI costs (around 70 euros including the beneficial ownership clause);
  • the legal announcement about 250 euros excluding taxes;
  • possibly the registration fees of the chamber of trades if your SASU depends on it, as well as the installation internship in this case;
  • the fees of the accountant or a lawyer: count between 800 euros and 1 400 euros. Do not miss a real professional for the creation of your company because an error on the choices can cost you very dearly.

Then you will need at least the following benefits:

  • registering your banking transactions . In general, a cash-based suit is very largely sufficient. Commitment accounting will not necessarily lead you to more knowledge especially if the bookkeeping is not kept up to date. Count for this type of service at a traditional accountant between € 1200 and € 2500 annually.
  • completion of your VAT returns . At the beginning, 2 installments of VAT + a declaration of regularization will suffice. Count around 100 euros a year.
  • establishment of the CFE , the declaration 2065 and the tax return in bundle form: about 800 euros in the year.
  • Finally, you will need a general meeting to approve the annual accounts . It is also an obligation to file it with the registry of the Commercial Court. It is also an opportunity to distribute dividends. You will need to pay about 450 euros if you go through a lawyer or a local accountant.

Tariff of an accountant for SASU - What price for the benefits?

The rate of a chartered accountant the second year

These are the same benefits as the first year with the exception of the creation of the company.

The fees of an accountant the third year and following.

In general, most new leaders have benefited from ACCRE and AER in the first 24 months. It’s time for them to start paying themselves through their SASU and thus to get pay slips. The main problem in pay slips is the sheer number of documents to be produced for a single pay slip. Thus, this is reflected in the very important pricing of a newsletter that goes from 30 euros minimum to sometimes 80 euros per month, sometimes without any social advice.

Complementary services that you should consider with a chartered accountant

Naturally, beyond tax obligations , you must seriously consider opting for additional benefits in an SASU . We necessarily think of dashboards. How to navigate without knowing your speed? A good table of your performance for a SASU is about 30 to 45 € per month. While you increase the fees of a chartered accountant but you will have a follow-up.

In conclusion, if you think that these budgets are too important, ask yourself 2 questions:

  • should you reduce your needs to the risk of not knowing where you are?
  • Are you ready to consider an accountant online that would give you the same benefits as traditional accounting experts but all at a distance and at a lower cost?