Special Creator, Why Take a Chartered Accountant

Special Creator, Why Take a Chartered Accountant

You are an entrepreneur ? Why take an accountant? After all, your business is just starting to grow, you can very well keep your accounting alone … Are you sure? Beyond simple bookkeeping, find out why taking an accountant right from the start of your business can be profitable.

Is taking a chartered accountant mandatory?

Before enumerating the benefits of taking a chartered accountant, let’s get back together on what the law says. Can taking an accountant be mandatory and what are the direct tax benefits you can benefit from?

Are there cases where the law requires you to hire an accountant?

You have to know that unless you are a self-entrepreneur, you will have to keep an accounting. But this obligation can be fulfilled by the company manager or an employee accountant. It is therefore not mandatory to take a chartered accountant .

Take a chartered accountant to get a tax break

If this is not mandatory, the state encourages the creator to take a chartered accountant. This is done through a tax bonus. In practice, this is actually a non-surcharge: if you do not use an accountant with a tax visa or an approved management center, you incur a tax increase of 25%.

How profitable is it for a designer to take a chartered accountant right from the first formalities?

As we have just seen together, it is not mandatory to take a chartered accountant to keep his accounts. However, the missions of the accountant are not limited simply to this area, the expert is also entitled to advise you in your management and to realize for you the many legal formalities related to the life of your company. A particularly interesting point for the creators who fall under the steps at the beginning of their activity!

Take a chartered accountant for the legal creation of his company

HER ? SARL? EURL? Do these forms of society still seem a little obscure? For an accountant, they have no more secrets, he attended the creation of multiple companies and he will guide you step by step in the reaction of your statutes and the choice of your tax system. Moreover, by entrusting your project of creation to a chartered accountant, you generally do not entrust it to a single man but to the head of a team of professionals of the law of the companies, the social right and of course the accounting. But do not believe us on words, ask a chartered accountant directly to explain your project!

Activity management

An accountant does not just take care of optimizing your tax. It can also help you in the development of your business through financial management tools. From the data you provide and his own experience with companies in your field, he can establish a detailed forecast of your future activity and identify any flaws in your business model or areas to focus on your development. It can even help you build a business plan, in other words a road map to follow during the next 3 years of your company’s life (an essential element if you want to finance your creation with a loan!).

For a designer, taking a chartered accountant is also benefiting from daily support

Many creators think that taking a chartered accountant is using the services of a luxury accountant who will make a tailor-made assessment at the end of the year. For some entrepreneurs, this is indeed the case: they come to deposit their cartons of invoices on the agreed date and no longer worry about their accounting until the end of the year. However, by completely ignoring their accounting, these entrepreneurs deprive themselves of the real added value of the accountant: the one in his ability to advise you on a daily basis.

creator why take a chartered accountant

The three main axes of the creative / accountant relationship

Management advice

To take an accountant is to hire the services of a financial management professional. If you choose an accountant who has experience with the companies in your industry, so much the better. He can even play the role of a true advisor . A role that is often sorely lacking to entrepreneurs, alone at the head of their project.

The development of the activity

For a designer, taking a chartered accountant is thinking about the long term from the beginning of his activity. In the beginning, you will probably need to find answers to your questions. For example, “what legal form to choose”, “how to write my statutes”. Very quickly, you will also need to set up your development strategy. This can be very different depending on your desires (take a local, employees, buy new machines, invest …). Who will be better placed to answer than the expert who will have followed you and listened to you from your first steps? It will also help you with the General Chart of Accounts , and will ensure the respect of good practices.

In conclusion, for a designer, taking an accountant is not just getting rid of his accounting and legal formalities. It also involves the advice of a professional capable of helping your business to grow as you wish . Did you start your business without hiring a chartered accountant? It’s not too late to change your mind! Contact an accountant now. Dougs will update you on your situation and verify that you have made the right choices for your company .