Online Accounting Expertise versus Traditional Accounting?

Online Accounting Expertise versus Traditional Accounting?

What will be the future of accounting in France ? It’s a safe bet that tomorrow, you will find your accounting expertise online ! What are the advantages of this kind of service? The answers in the rest of our article!

Will accounting expertise online replace traditional accounting?

To help you manage your business on a daily basis, you can get help with accounting software. This system takes into account some of your needs and seeks to facilitate your exchanges with your accountant. Many accounting firms are only replicating the same techniques through these software without seeking to improve their vision. But thanks to your online accounting expertise , you get a better visibility of your business, and this live!

Cloud software or solution?

Indeed, we feel it is important to note the difference between software and accounting solution online! Indeed, this first system will ask you to download on a single device, which will or will not be connected later to an accountant who will (probably) bring you his service. At Dougs and its online accounting expertise, we save you time and money! No download: Dougs is a cloud solution that you can access from anywhere, anytime and only through an internet connection! An intelligent and ergonomic solution that will take into account all your monetary actions ; and integrate them live to bring you the best understanding as soon as possible!

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What are the benefits of accounting expertise online?

Thanks to online accounting expertise, no need to go through the mail or your accountant to send invoices! More bad surprises on the VAT as you are kept informed live of the evolution of this one! And all with a clear and precise approach to your economic indicators to help you better understand your business!

The Dougs solution!

Thanks to the Dougs solution, we limit manual interventions. This means that every bank transaction recorded on your business account will be transferred to the app within 24 hours and will be pre-categorized. You will only have to validate them and thus know the VAT that you will have to honor. Thanks to Dougs, you will even be able to photograph an invoice and then attach it to your account.

To conclude, the accounting expertise online makes you benefit from the latest solutions and assists you in your outfit! Dougs, obviously registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants , saves you time and money, thanks to its state-of-the-art tools and the knowledge of its online accountants!