Find a Cheaper Accounting Expert. Online Accounting Solution

Find a Cheaper Accounting Expert. Online Accounting Solution

Find a cheaper accounting expert? yes but why and how? Handbook for entrepreneurs of very small businesses.

Find a cheaper accounting expert specializing in very small businesses (TPE)

First of all, the process of finding cheaper goods of equal quality is a normal thing for any entrepreneur. This is especially true for a creator or a leader of a very small company . Making money is complex. The temptation is great to reduce the cost of an accountant. But be careful not to fall into the trap and ultimately to collaborate with an illegal accountant! Check it yourself on the directory of the Ordre des Experts Comptables .

You will find especially your happiness with accountants specialized in the TTPE or TPE. However, finding a specialized accounting expert is usually complex. Indeed, it is forbidden for any accountant to communicate in a specialization of trade or sector. In fact, he can just refer to his experience in external communication.

Find a cheaper accounting expert: an accountant online or close?

Do you absolutely want a geographical proximity with your accountant? Try to find it next to you geographically. A local accountant will be best suited to meet this need.

If the geographical situation is not a hindrance for you, go to an accountant online . Indeed, prices will generally be lower with other benefits. You can thus define as benefits the monitoring of your cash flow, the automatic categorization of your expenses and your receipts, the automatic calculations of your mileage allowances, the follow-up of your expenses …

A tip? Make sure that the advice part, the one you are going to communicate with is in France. Indeed, public accounting must not be an accounting solution. It is above all accounting expertise.

At the price level, it’s very simple: type on the internet cheap accounting expert or accountant online. You will find a list of accountants who present themselves as “cheap accounting expert”.

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Online Accounting: Why is it cheaper?

The main reasons for accounting expertise online, cheaper than local accounting, are:

  • no displacement of the accountant,
  • no geographical reception of the client at the accountant and the associated time,
  • Dedicated premises 100% production, so no visiting room or other hidden cost,
  • 100% production-oriented staff,
  • mathematical algorithms facilitating the use of applications,
  • a real collaboration between the client and the accountant,
  • and probably a desire to reduce unit profit margins.

Cheapest Chartered Accountant Online: How Does It Work?

The cheapest accounting experts are often online accounting firms . In fact, these firms have completely redesigned their approach to collaboration with their client. So they worked on data exchange platforms around secure sites.

Most online accountants have adopted banking data recovery systems. This assumes a real control of these recoveries, which is not always the case with deferred debit cards or payment methods such as paypal or stripe . Other difficulties may also come from exotic banks or little known to the public (if at all).

Apart from these technical considerations, online accountants practice accounting as any other local accountant, in accordance with the regulations of the Association of Chartered Accountants .

Do not confuse cheaper accountant online and cheaper accounting solution online.

Another confusion on the part of the creators comes from the mission carried out by an accountant on line. Often, the creator thinks that it is enough of an accounting solution on line so that at the end of the year a balance is realized all alone. This is to ignore the difficulties to make a tax book and especially it is to put aside all the advice that an accountant can give to his client.

Finally, if you want to test an accountant online. There is a simple trick: do not engage and test!