Expert Quote Free Accountant, How to get it easily?

Expert Quote Free Accountant, How To Get It Easily?

A free accounting expert quote? This question flourishes on all pages of the internet. And especially on intermediary sites linking creators and accountants for finance. Dougs takes the torch and explains why:

  1. we do not want to give money to intermediaries,
  2. you can manage to find the perfect accounting expert.

A free accounting expert estimate is not necessarily

Let’s not hide our face. A free quote is not completely. Indeed, it is often time spent listening to the client and it is appropriate to pay a person to do so. We call this commercial time. And that necessarily has an impact at one time or another on the selling price of your benefit.

That’s why Dougs never wanted to let a paying intermediary discuss the first needs of a creator. We think, but this is only up to us, that it is better for a creator to ask himself the right questions to select his own accountant rather than receive 3 offers from colleagues who have delegated the task to a salesperson, lack of time or capacity. Thus, we have a better understanding of the needs of our customers.

free accounting expert quote

How much does an accountant cost you?

We made a very popular article , read by many people called ” File, how much does accounting cost? “. As such, we leave you to consult it. In this way, you will apprehend all the questions necessary to choose financially an accountant.

As for Dougs, it’s very simple. Either you can become a customer and the rates are ultra clear, or you can not be a customer. Indeed, Dougs was limited in the choice of its customers. It is a strategic choice based on our ability to absorb work and be sure to offer a “Wow” side to each of our clients. The easiest way is simply to register or call. Our accounting firm specializes in small businesses with less than 5 employees. If you do not meet our criteria, you will unfortunately not be able to receive a quote from an accountant. But do not despair because our 10 engineers are developing new applications. All this to offer you the best of Dougs and always at an ultra competitive price.

The free accounting expert quote

The first solution is simply to access our rates directly on our site . Count 49 or 69 euros per month if you are BNC or if you have another legal form such as SAS, LLC, SASU or EURL for example.

For this rate, you will have everything that accounting and management requires : dashboard and live performance, balance sheet, tax packages and advice.

If you need a payslip , an ordinary general meeting or anything an executive may need: always check our page.

Finally, enjoy the creations of companies made by us. No robot, but real lawyers to accompany you. Our price is just exceptional: 150 euros for our services . And you will have real status.