ECL accountant online from 49 € / month – Dougs Compta

ECL accountant online from 49 € / month – Dougs Compta

Do you already have a professional activity? Or can you imagine creating your own company ?

Very quickly, you will understand that the accountant is the key person for your success. Do you need to take a traditional accountant or an Accountant Accountant (ECL) ? We will explain why your business may need a 100% connected accountant . The pros and cons too. Let’s see together what you can expect from an online accountant in your daily business.

An online accountant performs the same services

The work of any accounting firm is primarily based on so-called traditional missions. By classic, we mean keeping the accounts, your balance sheet , a tax package. It is a kind of union minimum to meet the expectations of the tax administration. Thus, almost all accountants use business tools . On the contrary the accountant Dougs produces his own applications. All with a team of 100% dedicated engineers.

Let’s go back to the legal obligations . Traditional accountants enter bank transactions and record purchase and sale invoices.

At Dougs, we preferred to use robots to recover all banking operations . In addition, we help you pdf or jpg your bills. Indeed, we develop a recognition to bring them closer to your banking operations. We save time in your seizure. This allows for lower costs and ultimately more rewarding work for employees.

For companies subject to VAT, the manager must also be concerned about the declaration. So at this stage 2 schools compete. The first solution is for you to discover the amount you will pay at the last moment. That is the day of payment. In other words, in terms of forecasting, we can do a lot better. At Dougs, each of our clients has a clear vision every day of the amount of VAT they have to give. So, no surprise at the time of VAT declaration . You know the amount 20 days in advance.

But an accountant online offers other benefits

There is a kind of magic that happens with computers. Indeed, your business benefits in real time from all information. And in business, information must be fast and of high quality.

At Dougs, you have essential information you need to know as you go along. So, you know live:

  • The dashboard of your company. Some performances are already available. But you can add it yourself. So, if you want to track your fuel, you just have to select it. You can see your expenses directly in your dashboard.
  • Your cash , operation by operation. You can attach them invoices in pdf, in photos (jpg), to add comments …
  • The level of your expenses by nature. In fact, expenses are pre-categorized and you just have to validate them. But you can change them, add details inside the operation,
  • You can even create tags on all or part of your operations. You thus have an analytical accounting. And you make no effort.
  • Your recipes obviously. In the same way as the loads, you can add Tags to them to follow your projects. It is also bluffing to be able to follow your business by Tag; You see both the revenue but also the expenses associated with the project.
  • Expense reports systems allow you to understand your mileage allowances or your personal expenses. Everything is done live via the computer or just your smartphone: IOS and Android are both accepted.
  • A forecast also completes the panoply. Indeed, no need for a crystal ball or an audit of your accounts. The Dougs app lets you anticipate your results and make the right decisions before you find your balance sheet.


An ECL present next to you and at all stages of your business

The geographical distance appears to be a difficulty when one addresses a professional at a distance. But, the technology exists at Dougs. It is even ubiquitous at all stages. Whether your request is related to:

  • Legal: creation of company, general meeting of approval of the accounts, increase of capital. But also transfer of registered office, transfer of shares, beneficial owner, bonus ACCRE, …
  • Company law: EURL, LLC, SASU, SAS, SA, SCI …
  • Social (pay slip, payroll taxes , entry and exit of employee, management of paid leave …
  • Financial: business plan, integrated dashboard …
  • Administrative: certificate, additional information, relationship with the registries of commercial courts, …
  • Fiscal: reflection on your tax strategy, your remuneration , option to exercise at your tax center …
  • Transformation of your EURL into SASU, contribution of your individual company to society, …
  • Dissolution, liquidation,
  • In short, the whole life of a company until its closure, passing of course by its development

In the end, with your Dougs account

  • You benefit from professional accountancy advice by chat or telephone,
  • You save time by getting all the information you want without effort

Finally, having accounting expertise online will allow you to be less stressful. Indeed, you have totally all the knowledge of your company whatever the place and the moment. The icing on the cake: you can work from your smartphone the day and go to your computer.

So if the accountant is for you a major player in your company, do not hesitate to contact us. An invoice quote is available.