Contribution for personal loan, not always essential

The personal loan is intended for individuals to freely finance one or more non-professional projects.

Whether you want to decorate your home, buy a new car, make the trip of your dreams, pay for your child’s education or simply cope with an unforeseen event, this credit meets all your needs according to your repayment capabilities.

How does it work? Is it necessary to have a personal contribution to obtain a personal loan?

The definition of personal loan

The personal loan is a consumer credit agreement that can last a few months or even years depending on the amount borrowed and your repayment capacity, but not beyond five years.

The advantage of the personal loan lies mainly in its cost because the conditions are fixed and the interest rates are less important than for other credit solutions.

To know

The financial institution makes available to the individual borrower a sum of money the terms of which are known exactly when the contract is signed. The loan will be repaid by constant monthly payments during the term of the loan at a fixed interest rate.

Moreover, the faster you pay, the lower the cost of your loan is high and this is where the interest in the contribution lies.

On the other hand, it is not mandatory and in no case required by the financial institutions when applying for a personal loan. With or without a financial contribution, this type of credit helps to realize important personal projects without having to save for years or use your savings set aside.

In any case, you are engaged and you are therefore obliged to repay your creditors. The financial institution pays the sum at one time and the amount of the loan can reach 200 euros to 75 000 euros without providing proof of use.

You freely dispose of the amount borrowed and you fund absolutely anything you want, with the exception of real estate.


It is very important to be absolutely sure that you can repay the personal loan before you apply for it. So, before you take out a personal loan, first check whether you have already subscribed to other loans and for which amounts, and if you are still able to meet your commitments.

To obtain a personal loan, you can first meet with your usual banker, but you also have the option of contacting other financial institutions or a personal loan broker. You have the opportunity to carry out credit simulations online and anonymously without moving to our site.


This process will save you time and money because you do not have to visit several banking organizations to compare offers. This is really a very convenient way to find promotional rates on the financial markets.

The chosen organization will require guarantees from you and will do a thorough analysis of your profile before granting you a personal loan. Indeed, this type of credit is used freely and it is not assigned to a specific purchase.

The lending institution systematically checks your solvency on the basis of a certain amount of information, in particular by consulting the national file listing the information on payment incidents characterized by credits granted to natural persons for non-professional needs.

It checks if you have a stable job, if you have a good income, it also looks at your debt ratio which should not exceed 33% of your annual salaries.

Respect the family budget

family budget

Moreover, he will grant a loan only with the guarantee that the amount will not unbalance the family budget. It is better to avoid having already credits in progress, it can be an object of refusal by the bank because it deduces it from your capacity of loans.

It is only after knowing all these elements that the lender is able to give you his definitive answer.

If he has the assurance that you are able to repay the monthly payments, the financial institution will grant you the loan and will make available to you the funds requested after having respected the statutory period of retraction of fourteen calendar days.

The personal loan agreement becomes final when the credit institution has accepted your file and you have not used your right of withdrawal.

A made-to-measure loan

The personal loan must allow you to control your budget. You determine everything from the signing of the contract, the amount, the duration of the personal loan, the monthly payments and the date of deduction.

The loan truly adapts to your situation and allows everyone to carry out their projects without any proof of use, without a filing fee or the obligation of a personal contribution. If you make a contribution, of course, you will save in the long run because the credit period will be shortened and you will automatically have less interest to pay.

But it is perfectly possible to apply for a personal loan with no contribution as long as you respect the conditions of the financial institution and you provide all the guarantees that you are a serious customer able to honor his commitment.

By using the personal loan, you benefit from personalized support and at the least question, an expert advisor in the field of credit will answer you and reassure you throughout the loan.

The asset of the personal contribution

Although it is not obligatory, the financial contribution is only in case of purchase real estate, which never finances the personal loan. However, the contribution mainly shows your motivation and your interest in the realization of your project, and therefore to obtain better credit conditions and estimate the amount you can obtain from the bank.

As a result, at the time of the credit application, the lending organization systematically inquires about the existence or not of a personal contribution to judge the strength of a file. It corresponds to the part of the project financed directly by the borrower outside the credit concerned.

The contribution can have different origins, it can come from your personal savings placed on a bank account or a savings account, the resale of a good, or an inheritance or a gift. Even if you bring a small amount, it will still serve to reduce the duration of the loan and ultimately the total cost of the personal loan.

Reassure the lender

This ability to bring savings reassures the bank on how to manage the money and therefore on your ability to repay the loan. And the more the personal contribution is important, the more the proposed rate is revised downwards since the bank takes less risk by not financing the entire project.

A contribution representing 20% of the total amount of the amount requested from the financial institution thus constitutes a request for serious financing, and you are likely to be given a move on the interest rate.

The contribution keeps the debt to reasonable levels but still make sure not to put all your savings in this contribution to keep a manageable budget and a comfortable lifestyle. The temptation is great to bring the highest savings possible but we must keep in mind the whole operation.

It is better to keep a cash flow available to simply cope with an unforeseen and keep a margin of maneuver. No need to turn all of your savings into personal contributions. In case you do not have an agent aside, the bank will not hold you to it and will take into account your serious guarantees.

The personal loan will simply cost you more and the financial institution will be more looking at your risk profile. Interest rates will also be higher.