Consolidation of Crystal bank loans } Payday loans

Consolidation request

If you are interested in this offer, you can apply for a loan merger at Crystal either in person, online or by phone. To personally consolidate, just visit any of the bank’s branches to get more information and tell you what documents and documents you will need to process your credit. Another option is to fill in a contact form on the Crystal website – you only need to fill in your first name, last name and phone number and choose which branch you want the bank to contact you. You can also use the telephone line – this is the client center number where we will be happy to answer your questions about consolidation.

Fees and interest rates

You can have the Crystal consolidation loan itself free of charge if you use the latest promotions. This applies not only to the merger of loans secured by real estate, but also to other mortgage loans and is intended for existing and new clients of this bank. More information about the event can be found at our site, as well as other fees or current interest rates.

Consolidation repayment

You then repay the newly provided consolidation loan in the form of regular monthly installments. Their amount depends on the total amount of the loan and its maturity. In any case, thanks to the merger of loans, you can save up to several thousand crowns each month.

Other options to transfer loans with Crystal

In addition to consolidating loans secured by real estate, Crystal also offers other products to help you transfer your existing loans and save money. If you want to refinance only one loan, the RePay is the ideal solution for you. This is a transfer of one loan from another bank or installment company, which allows you to significantly reduce your monthly repayments and, in addition, you are not charged for this service. At the same time, you can get additional cash (up to CZK 500,000) and you can also arrange repayment insurance.

Consolidation is intended for:

  • Those interested in the beneficial merging of several different loans and loans
  • People who can guarantee their property for the merger
  • Those who want to repay the repayment over a longer period
  • People who need to cut their regular monthly installments


Consolidation not determined:

  • Those interested in merging loans who have no own property
  • People who are not yet of age
  • Applicants who have been deprived of their legal capacity
  • Those who would not be able to repay the new loan properly

Quick information

Loan Unification Conditions

  • 1 You must be min. 18 years and you must have the legal capacity
  • 2 You must have a property to secure the loan
  • 3 You must provide the bank with personal documents and documents for the property
  • 4 If no promotional offer is in progress, a consolidation fee will also have to be paid

Consolidation assessment

Crystal consolidation has an average rating of 3 out of 5 possible. In total, the service of Crystal as accurately assessed 52 customers.

I am very satisfied, the consolidation from Crystal is perfectly suited to me and fulfilled all my expectations. I wanted to merge all of my loans into one and get a little extra cash. Consolidating Crystal loans has proven to be the best option and I am really pleased to have decided to transfer my liabilities to this bank. I also saved a lot of money and still got a new loan to cover some important expenses. I highly recommend this consolidation, if you are able to guarantee real estate, you will certainly not find a better loan.