Does Heat Cause Hives?

When sunlight exposure causes an allergic reaction in the skin it causes cholinergic urticaria. This is considered a hypersensitive response of the skin. This is when the skin is extremely sensitive to heat. This can be a response of sweating or taking a hot shower. It’s common for these people to experience this itchy and reddening of the skin after they exercise. These hives can occur at any age. There are actually cases of heat hives in children as young as 3 years old.

Lifestyles That Risk Insomnia

There are some lifestyle habits you may be currently doing that are creating your insomnia problems. If you tend to work at home in the evenings it can be hard to unwind. If you take naps throughout the day, even short ones, can keep you from sleeping at night. Don’t try to oversleep to catch up on missed sleep from the night before.

This actually messes with your body’s internal sleep clock. You need only a certain amount of sleep each night and that’s it. For example, most people need in between seven to ten hours of sleep each night. Everyone’s sweet spot is a little different than the next. You max out at that number. If you lost sleep last night, you don’t need to make up for it tonight. Your regular sweet spot hours will do so.

Are You Afraid Of The Darkness?

If you are deathly afraid of the dark you are probably suffering from achluophobia. This can also be referred to as scotophobia, lygophobia, myctophobia, and nyctphobia.

This is what is considered a specific phobia that is more common in youth and in women. These sufferers tend to sleep with the lights on and avoid being outside in the dark, even alone. The will take extreme steps to avoid any place they know will be dark, including movie theaters. If you would like to learn more about this phobia be sure to visit

Does The Thought Of Sex Scare You?

For those who are scared at the thought of engaging in sex, you are not alone. In fact, many women and men both have this specific phobia. It’s called genophobia and you can learn more about it at These people are typically normal in the sense they can have an intimate relationship full of touching and kissing. However, when the concept of sex arises they tend to freak out a bit.

This is typically due to traumatic experience in their past that keeps them from thinking sex is enjoyable. Sexual assault is one of the most common traumatic experiences that tend to happen more often to women than men. However, both genders do suffer from this anxiety producing fear.

The Symptoms Of Hives

Hives have very distinct symptoms. Let’s take a quick look at what these are. You will notice raised, pink or red swelling on the skin. These welts can occur alone or in a cluster. The welts can connect to each other across the skin. The swelling will usually go away within one day. These welts can itch, sting, and generally hurt while you have them.

Most people will experience hives in the same spot on their body when they are exposed to the same trigger. Certain things like insect bits/stings, medication, and specific foods can trigger hives to occur. Each time a person is exposed to that same stimuli they will develop hives typically in the same part of the body. These are typically called fixed hives. This is because they don’t move or spread around the body.

Anyone can get hives. A few more triggers to not are animals, pollen, touching something you are allergic to, allergy shots, cold infections, exposure to sunlight/heat/cold/water, exercise, stress, pressure on the skin, contact with specific chemicals, and scratching of the skin. You can learn more about these triggers at There are many different triggers to hives and it can be difficult to identify which one single thing is your trigger. Unfortunately the only way to find out is to exposure your body to multiple potential triggers and see which one produces hives.

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